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5D dark ride
Immersive theme park ride at your doorstep
High speed motion seats, 3D videos, wide screen, THX sound and lots of physical effects like splashing water, fog, wind, lightning, bubbles, etc.
Four people can participate at a time
Ride allows 4 riders at a time--up to 48 people per hour can enjoy this 5D RIDE
Halloween Party
Unique Virtual Worlds
We have 32 unique virtual worlds for kids and adults--
a mind-blowing experience for everyone!
Game Truck body
Mobility and Comfort
Our game truck is fully self-powered, climate-controlled, with high back leather race seats.
5D game truck
The 5D RIDE truck fits on most driveways and parking lots.
5D RIDE is safe for Kids Birthday Party.
The State (DOSH) annual Certificate of Compliance can be viewed inside the theater.
Halloween party with 5D RIDE
5D Ride truck is completely safe and awesome!
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